4K Video for Ametsub's Blue Loop

Ametsub has made this beautiful 4K video to accompany his track, Blue Loop, which featured on our compilation, Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains. The footage is from Iceland - have you ever been? Continue Reading.

Retold & Charcoal CD Special Editions

With copies of the original CDs going for ridiculous second-hand prices, we thought it was high time to reissue Retold & Charcoal on CD. It was not easy to decide whether to use the original artwork or the artwork from the vinyl reissues. Since these new editions will also feature the same bonus tracks from the vinyl editions, we thought it made sense to use the new covers. Continue Reading.

Introducing The Balustrade Ensemble (An Interview With Grant Miller)

Three months ago I received a demo from a band called The Balustrade Ensemble. As with most demos I receive, I had no preconceptions of how it might sound prior to pressing play. The name was completely new to me and I had no background on the band. The album opens with a track called *Bathyal Reel*, when it started playing, it captured my attention immediately. Continue Reading.

Serein Summer Sale

If you head over to the Serein Bandcamp shop you'll find that everything we currently hold in stock has been reduced in price - the only exception is the forthcoming Hidden Rivers album. Everything else has been cut quite significantly for a summer clear out. Continue Reading.

Remembering Susumu Yokota

It's been revealed by his family that Susumu Yokota died this year on the 27th of March. I wanted to post a few words here as I think he was a tremendously talented artist and his music has inspired me a great deal. Continue Reading.

This Summer: Hidden Rivers

Away from the concrete towns and cities there is a place Where Moss Grows. A place walled with limestone, of dell and cave, forgotten railways and Hidden Rivers. This music is a document in sound of journeys through this place, the sylvan valley. Continue Reading.

Upcoming Releases Spring 2015

In case you missed the announcement elsewhere, here's a quick look at the new releases coming out on Serein in Spring 2015. The first is Struktura by StriĆ«, out April 6th, one month after that will see the release of Cloudscapes by Yui Onodera and Vadim Bondarenko. Continue Reading.

Sources Of Inspiration In 2014

Last night I lay in bed and thought about some of things that I've found inspiring over the last twelve months. I always find it difficult to think in terms of individual releases that have come out over the course of a year; I am not particularly 'in the loop' when it comes to new music, so I prefer to think of 'new' in the sense of something being new to me. Anyway, here are some of the year's discoveries, things I was grateful for and things which inspired me. I hope you get some mileage out of them too. Continue Reading.

Retold is Shipping

Retold arrived yesterday - I'm absolutely delighted with the end product, it looks and feels even better than I'd hoped and the clear vinyl looks super. I've already shipped the first batch and I'll be back and forth to the post office over the next couple of days. This is now sold out and the digital pre-order has been released meaning you can download the Brambles remix of Amroth from Bandcamp. Continue Reading.

Serein Folk Questioned

I was recently asked to answer some questions by the online music mag, Sounds Of A Tired City. I enjoy doing these every so often as thinking about the questions always gives me a clearer sense of the history of the label and where it's headed. Continue Reading.

Mysterious Triangles & Other October Happenings

Hello Serein followers and welcome to the updated Serein site and blog! I've been working on revisions to the site over the past few weeks and I'm really happy to see them finally go live. As well as expanding the layout for big screens, I've also refined numerous other elements which I hope will make browsing and listening easier than ever. Continue Reading.

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