Serein is a record label based in Wales, the UK. Since our beginnings as a net-label in 2005 we have featured artists from across the world on numerous recordings released digitally and on CD and vinyl. While focussing predominantly on crossover ambient styles, we try not to limit ourselves to any one genre. Listening to our music is the best way to get to know us!

Our music is frequently used in TV and film productions, regularly receives international radio airplay and has been featured in several highly regarded printed publications and online magazines. We're extremely lucky to have a loyal and exacting fan base, many of whom have been following our output since day one.

Our aim since then has remained the same, to call attention to music that we think is deserving of your time. We're excited by advancements in technology and how they can facilitate new ways to enjoy music and video. In 2005 we were distributing music digitally in MP3 format before it was seen as a financial opportunity by the music industry at large. We love the internet for the creative freedom it allows and the connections it's helped us make.

The name Serein was taken from a meteorological dictionary, it is used to describe 'fine rain falling from a clear sky after sunset'. We pronounce it seh-rain, you can say it however you want.


We are not currently accepting demos! Sorry!

Distribution & Where To Buy

Most of our sales are direct through our Bandcamp shop but you can also find our records at the following shops:


Digital distribution is through The Orchard, as such you can find our music on all major digital outlets and streaming services.


Fill in the contact form below to get in touch. Please note this is not for demo submissions, demos are only accepted via SubmitHub. If you're contacting us about a licensing/sync request, please make sure you've read the licensing section first, thanks!

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A lot of our music lends itself extremely well to use in film and television. We've worked with numerous production companies, directors and individuals who've approached us wishing to use tracks from our catalogue in their productions. Our music has been used on feature-length documentary and fictional films, BBC documentaries on art and nature and advertisements for a varied list of clients, from architectural firms to chefs.

If you would like to license anything from our catalogue, we'd love to hear from you. Please include as much of the following information as you're able:

  1. Artist & title of the track(s) you'd like to use
  2. Details of your project
  3. Duration and positioning of requested track(s) in your production
  4. Your desired licensing terms (territory, term, royalties payable etc.)
  5. Your budget / offer in British Pound Sterling

Since we liaise with our artists on your behalf, including an offer with your initial request expedites the licensing process significantly.

Note that both master and synchronisation rights are required in all cases.

Unfortunately, we are not able to license our music for free.